2nd visit to the Retro Cafe, Cesky Krumlov

Last week I was walking by the Retro cafe and I saw that they had new signs on the outside, including one that said something about fresh roasted coffee.  I’d been to the cafe before and I didn’t recall anything like that.   I made a mental note to come... read more

New Website Layout

If you’ve been here before, you’ll probably notice LOTS of changes to the website. I’ve added a new domain and split my random blog articles into categories that make a bit more sense.  ThatsMyCoffee will now be about…(are you... read more

A great invention: The Coffee Alarm Clock

The Coffee Alarm Clock  Quite a brilliant invention!  Perhaps not the best cup of coffee in the world, but it’s certainly would wake me up with the fresh brewed smell just out of arm’s reach! If they’d add a grinder, I might seriously consider buying... read more

Coffee Genome decoded

So they’ve decoded the coffee genome.  Or at least for Robusta coffee, not the more common (and better tasting) Arabica.  (Read about it HERE.) What does this mean for the average consumer?  Not much.  But it does give me some comfort to know that people care... read more

Kawa Coffee – Kyoto, Japan

After leaving the Imperial palace grounds in Kyoto, I discovered the “Kawa Coffee” cafe, just across the street from the South East entrance.   I’m always up for a hot cup of coffee, even on a scorchingly hot day like today, when most would... read more
One Year Later.

One Year Later.

It’s been nearly a year since starting this blog.  Who could guess that it would be such a success? If you had asked me to guess a year ago how many visitors the site would get, I’d probably have guessed a few hundred.  Maybe a thousand if things went... read more

Schooled by My Espresso Machine

[UPDATE, Nov. 2014:  What a fool I was for even trying to use the ‘dual wall’ filter.  If you’re new, skip this step and go straight to the ‘normal’ filter.  You’ll probably make some mistakes, but you’ll learn what NOT to do... read more

San Giovanni Valderno, Italy

  [UPDATED Apr 14, 2013, with additional text and photos!] We’re now staying in a town of just a few thousand people, called”San Giovanni Valdarno”.  It’s just a 30 minutes train ride from Firenze (Florence).  It’s almost like moving... read more

Tried Kopi Luwak. Honestly, not that great.

Tried the famous “Kopi Luwak” coffee today at a cafe in Florence, Italy today. Never heard of it?  It was made famous by the movie “The Bucket List”.  You can read about it HERE.  I have seen it for sale before, but it’s usually by the... read more

Isabela Raposeira’s COFFEE LAB, Sao Paulo

I had the pleasure of visiting this up-and-coming cafe and roastery in Sao Paulo last week.  I’d heard about it before going to Brazil.  As one of the few Sao Paulo cafes that roast their own beans on the premise, I put this place on the top of my “To... read more

Inverted Aeropress Method

Just found this video of someone using an Aeropress INVERTED.  Genius! Click HERE to see the video   Aeropress units are available in our COFFEE SHOP or on AMAZON: Like this:Like... read more
Latte Art Lessons

Latte Art Lessons

Trying to teach myself how to do Latte art on this beautiful Sunday morning. I’ll say this:  It ain’t easy! Like this:Like... read more
The Catlins (con’t)

The Catlins (con’t)

Heading East from Slope point, we continued along the coast.  Stopping for a nice outdoor coffee on the way.     Hoping to see some wildlife, we headed to Curio Bay, Porpoise Bay, Haldane Bay and finally arrived Nugget Point.  Some really stunning scenes along... read more
Layover in Tokyo

Layover in Tokyo

My first flight completed, I find myself in Tokyo for a 10 hour layover.  Since leaving Vienna, luck has been with me.  I scored three empty seats so I was able to lie nearly flat in my row and get a few hours sleep.  This has always been a problem while sitting in a... read more
Typical 3 Coffee Breakfast

Typical 3 Coffee Breakfast

Went a quite long stroll through Hamburg, in search of some new coffee places.  I had hoped to make it to a roaster, but they were not open early enough.  I did stumble across a couple a small places that were really nice though. The first one was a little cafe on a... read more
How to “Dial In” Espresso Shots

How to “Dial In” Espresso Shots

Espresso Tuning: Several days ago I posted pictures of my new Gastroback Pro G (aka:  Breville Barista Express).  Since getting it I’ve been having great fun trying different types of coffee in it.  It’s been quite an adventure.  Along the way I’ve... read more
Coffee display, Museum of Industry

Coffee display, Museum of Industry

This morning I was walking to the store when I saw a light in a window that I’d never noticed before.  I walked around the corner to the shop’s front entrance.  It turned out to not be a shop at all, but a museum!  Free Entry, the sign said.  I decided to... read more
Brazilian Bourbon, from Woyton Coffee, Germany

Brazilian Bourbon, from Woyton Coffee, Germany

I’m watching the snow fall while enjoying a French Press version of one of my new favorite coffees, a BIO Brazilian Bourbon from Woyton Coffee. I found this chain of cafes while in Dusseldorf  last month.  They’re serious about what they do.  They... read more
Barcomi’s Cafe

Barcomi’s Cafe

While in Berlin, we had a great breakfast at “Barcomi’s” Cafe.  Among other things, they serve great bagels with several different types of home-made cream cheese spreads.  I tried several kinds and enjoyed them all! Their coffee menu is quite... read more
Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie

I’m in Berlin all week.  Still trying to find good coffee shops and perhaps a roaster or two! The only one that’s close to me is Bonanza Coffee Heroes, so perhaps I’ll start there.  They do roast on-site.  Perhaps I’ll pick some up to review at... read more

Brewing with the Bodum Pebo (a.k.a. Santos)

This article is to learn the basics of how to use a siphon, for beginners.  If you’ve already done a few brews, but are having some trouble using your Siphon coffee brewer, I suggest reading:  “Having trouble with your Bodum Pebo Siphon Pot?“, which... read more

Bodum “Pebo” Siphon Coffee Maker

Just a few days ago I ordered a new Bodum Santos coffee maker from Amazon.co.uk.  I love being able to buy things online that aren’t available here, or are just cheaper.  Contact lenses for example.  With the shipping included, the price is still less than in a... read more

My Review of Julius Meinl Coffee

Today’s coffee review is sponsored by my wife Alina.  She bought me a package of Julius Meinl Coffee’s “Jubilee” blend while in Austria a few days ago. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a good light roasted coffee.  For me, the... read more

Heading Home

It always gives me a good feeling when I head to the airport to go home.  Something about that transition gives me a sense of peace every time. Sitting in the business lounge at BRU (Brussels) this morning, and it’s quite empty today.  Apparently there is a... read more

Cupping iDrinkCoffee’s Lighter Roasts

Today I’m doing a bit of a lighter roasts taste test.  Last week I dropped by iDrinkCoffee.com‘s store in Milton, Ontario and picked up 2 types of beans that they roast.  “Tanzanian Peaberry” and “Guatemala Antigua”. As you may... read more

Nova Era Bakery

Dropped by the “Nova Era” Bakery on King St. in Kitchener today.  They have quite a large selection of very naughty pastries and cakes.  Their bread selection is bad either!  What really caught my eye were little tarts filled with custard.  I’ve had... read more

Nougat Cafe

Had coffee today with…MOM…   That’s pretty rare!  I’m home in Canada for a wedding, so why not take the time to sample a few nice coffee shops and see what’s there? We visited the Nougat Cafe in Kitchener, Ontario.  It’s quite a... read more

Starbucks “Refreshers”

I had the chance today to try a new Starbucks product, on the same day it launched.  It’s called a Starbucks “Refresher”.  Available in “Very Berry Hibiscus” and “Cool Lime”.  Both claim to contain “Green Coffee... read more

Grinder Adjustments 101

Wondering how other people find the correct grind size, I found this article:  Grinder Adjustments 101 It’s completely “over the top”, and not relavent to my French Press operation at home.  But I did learn a lot from reading it.  I hope you do too!... read more


I managed to find some decent coffee beans from the “Cafe Bon Bon” in Cesky Krumlov.  They don’t have many products, but they do have quality.  They carry wine, Coffee beans and of course, chocolates and marzipan.  While I’ve never been a big... read more

Out with the New, in with the Old!

Yes, you read that right.  Sometimes new things just don’t work as well as the old ones. Today almost everything is designed to be as cheap as possible.  Well, cheap just doesn’t last.  A good friend of mine told me that his grandma always said... read more
The sun comes out.  But will it last?

The sun comes out. But will it last?

The rain has stopped.  At least temporarily.  Dark clouds still loom.  And the wind has picked up.  But I did manage to get out of the house and treat myself to a good curry. Sagar, the owner/manager, joined me as I dined at the OM Indian Restaurant.  The past few... read more


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