A few months ago I saw on Facebook that a friend of mine had been repaid for a loan.  That’s an odd thing to post on Facebook, I thought!  Why would you want people to know about that.  I did a little follow-up and discovered KIVA.ORG

Kiva is an organization that gives “micro-loans” to people around the world.  For people that are unable to get credit from a bank, a few dollars can mean the world to them.  And because it’s a loan, they get to keep a bit of self-respect by not asking for a handout.  Most of the people they help are entrepreneurs who are starting a new business or expanding it and need just a little cash to get it going.

I chose to loan $25 to a group of 3 women in Nicaragua, who needed help opening a grocery store.  I’ve just received my first of 3 loan payments.  Now I’ve got credit that I can loan out again to someone else.  It’s that easy…

Please take the time to visit the website and see how it all works.  If you like it, please use the link below to give a loan of $25 FOR FREE.  Yes, that’s right, FREE.  If you sign up using the link provided, an anonymous corporate sponsor will credit $25 to you that you can loan out to the borrower *you choose*.  If you wish add additional funds after that, it’s your choice!

Get a FREE $25 credit to loan on KIVA.ORG by clicking HERE

I (and thousands of other Kiva lenders) THANK YOU!


ps:  Even if you decide not to join Kiva, please share this post so others can help!


[UPDATE:  You can read about my latest loan benefactor HERE.]


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