The rain has stopped.  At least temporarily.  Dark clouds still loom.  And the wind has picked up.  But I did manage to get out of the house and treat myself to a good curry.

Sagar, the owner/manager, joined me as I dined at the OM Indian Restaurant.  The past few days have been busy, he says.  Not the volume of last year’s festival, but still very good.  Sunday was surprisingly quiet.   I enjoyed a simple “Curry Chicken”, one of the lunch specials, including a free dessert for about 90kr ($4.50).  The dinner prices are quite a bit higher, but the value for the lunch set is hard to beat!

Following that, I stopped by Alchymy Hotel, to have a coffee.  The cafe looks a bit posh from the outside, but the view from the terrace is hard to beat.  They charge 45kr ($2.25) for an Illy Cappuccino.  A pretty standard price for table service here.  I found it to be a bit bitter and small, but that’s how Italian coffee should be, right?  Next time I’ll get a Latte.  The patio was nearly full, but I found an empty seat quickly.  The table across from me had 3 girls, obviously american tourists, chatting away with their faces glued to their cellphones.  They seemed quite confused about the exchange rate.  I chuckled to myself.  The table furthest from the door had a strange duo, constantly looking up at the castle tower.  It wasn’t until I got up to leave that I realized they were artists, making sketches.  Cool.  Nicely done, too!

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