Went a quite long stroll through Hamburg, in search of some new coffee places.  I had hoped to make it to a roaster, but they were not open early enough.  I did stumble across a couple a small places that were really nice though.

The first one was a little cafe on a small street.  Never did learn the name for it.  I ordered a double shot cappuccino and had *hoped* they had something resembling breakfast.  Sadly, no.  They did have a pretty good selection of desserts, but not much in the line of “real food”.


The inside was a bit too sterile for my taste, with it’s perfectly arranged items on the shelf and *spotless* tables.  But it did feel quite cosy and the staff were friendly.  The angled cut of the tables was interesting.  Too bad there weren’t more customers.

My cappuccino was quite good, although the tiniest bit cool.

Wandering around the streets, I was tempted to stop by “Double Coffee”.  A nice little place across from my hotel.  I’d been there a few times before.  But they specialize in syrupy flavoured coffees.  Today I just wasn’t in the mood for one.  Then I stumbled across this place:

I’ve got a friend who’s Vietnamese and he’s brought me coffee from home a few times.  It’s made as a pour-over and has a lot of flavour, but is really strong.  Fortunately, they offer honey as a sweetener here and the combination of flavours is *wonderful*!

I’ll be back to this place for lunch some day.  They were making noodles (yes, you read that right, MAKING noodles) when I was there.  I really want to try them!

On the counter in the picture above, you can see a vase of blue flowers.  I managed to get this shot while I was waiting for the coffee.  Take a look at the full size image.  Not bad detail considering I was using My Nikon P300 (point and shoot camera) that day.

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