While in Berlin, we had a great breakfast at “Barcomi’s” Cafe.  Among other things, they serve great bagels with several different types of home-made cream cheese spreads.  I tried several kinds and enjoyed them all!

Their coffee menu is quite extensive too.  I’m not sure if they roast their own beans, but they do know how to pick them.

I chose two of their latin america roasts:

Costa Rica Tarrazu & Mexico Altura SHG

In my blind taste test, the Tarrazu was the clear winner.  I bought a bag to take home and try in my Siphon Coffee Pot.  The result?  An even cleaner tasting brew.  I often add a splash of low-fat milk to lower the acidity.  With this coffee, it wasn’t required. A very, very nice cup!

Barcomi’s does have an online shop, but the shipping charges seemed a bit high for me.

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