Just a few days ago I ordered a new Bodum Santos coffee maker from Amazon.co.uk.  I love being able to buy things online that aren’t available here, or are just cheaper.  Contact lenses for example.  With the shipping included, the price is still less than in a shop here.  Especially if you buy bulk.

I’ve been wanting a siphon coffee maker for some time now, but the price has always prohibited me from getting one.  When I found the “Pebo”, (formerly called the “Santos”)  in a shop in Amsterdam I was shocked to find it selling for 99 Euros!  I like coffee, but that’s waaayy too much for a piece of glass and some plastic.  I love my coffee and Bodum does make GREAT products, but I’m not crazy.

When I saw the same unit for only 50 Euro (plus 5 for shipping) I jumped at the chance.  And calling it a birthday present for myself also helped to reduce the guilt.

Just two days after I ordered it from the UK, it arrived by UPS!  WHAT??  Not bad!  Sending it by courier was surely a mistake, but I’m not gonna say anything.  I signed for the unit and hurriedly opened the package.

Later I’ll be posting more about how to use a siphon, but be assured the coffee tastes great and it’s not as much work as you might think!

These pots are for sale in THE COFFEE SHOP.  Get yours today!

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