This morning I was walking to the store when I saw a light in a window that I’d never noticed before.  I walked around the corner to the shop’s front entrance.  It turned out to not be a shop at all, but a museum!  Free Entry, the sign said.  I decided to go in and get a closer look at what I’d seen through the window.  Inside I found a small permanent exhibition from the “Museum of Industry”, Bratislava, Slovakia.

These were used to hold and dispense coffee beans, tea and “special” (any guesses?) in an old grocery store.

How I’d LOVE to take this old roaster home.  The sign said it was from the 19th century.  But I’m guessing that with minimal effort, you’d be roasting pretty quick!

The rest of the museum’s display were mostly old packages of consumer products.  They seem to make a profit by selling reproductions of old metal product ad signs.  The ‘Budwar’ (Budweiser) brewery is not far from here.  Their signs are hugely popular with the tourists.

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