Today I’m doing a bit of a lighter roasts taste test.  Last week I dropped by‘s store in Milton, Ontario and picked up 2 types of beans that they roast.  “Tanzanian Peaberry” and “Guatemala Antigua”.

As you may know, my preferred brewing method is the French Press (although I’m dying to try a Siphon pot!)  For both pots I used the same amounts of coffee, water and a little bit of milk.  I know the purists will cry about using milk, but my stomach just can’t handle black coffee.  This was my first experience with these two and to be honest I didn’t get the water/coffee ratio quite right.  Both were a little bit weak, although the Antigua was pretty close.  I’ve taken notes and will adjust for next time.  The water temperature was just below boiling point.  Both pots were allowed to steep for exactly 4 minutes.

Let’s start with the Peaberry.  In case you missed last week’s post, a Peaberry coffee is made from coffee cherries that have been hand selected with only 1 bean instead of the usual 2.  This extra space in the cherry produces a single round bean that has a different flavour than the standard, smaller flat-sided bean.  Because of selection process it usually costs a bit more.

African coffee is generally preferred in darker roasts, so I was surprised to see that this coffee was listed as ‘medium’.  Typically I avoid the darker blends, as they’re too intense for me.  This one didn’t overpower, and had a very nice aftertaste.  I think it’s VERY nice balance between light and dark.  Well done!  I wouldn’t switch to this for my daily cup, but for those days when I do desire a slightly more intense drink, this will certainly do the trick.  Great for afternoon or lunch, when you need a kickstart to finish work or school.

The Antigua was certainly much milder.  Quite smooth and mellow.  A perfect breakfast companion.  It won’t jumpstart your engines, but it will wake you up slowly.  This coffee is a bit milder, but quite comparable to my personal favourite:  The Mexican Maragogype.  (If anybody knows an exporter of shade-grown Mexican coffee that will send small quantities for a realistic price, please let me know!)

So to sum it up:  The Antigua was slightly mild, and the Tanzanian was slightly too strong.  Sounds like the perfect pair to put in a BLEND.  It just might be coffee Nirvana!

What’s your favourite coffee?  Please comment below:



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