Several years ago I wrote about “Dialing in your Espresso shot“.  I can’t stress how important espresso tuning is.  For those of you who always drink espresso based coffee (think Latte or Cappuccino) the milk masks part of the flavour.  You won’t truly unlock the best taste until you fine tune the base of each drink, the espresso shot.

I started off this morning by pulling a shot of Honduras Marcala, roasted by the Retro cafe.  The first shot I made no adjustments.  Hugely over-pressure, my machine had a hard time with this one.  I had left the grind amount the same as with the old coffee, which had gone stale.  Of course you need more of it.  But with this fresh coffee, it was waaaayyy too much.

I reset the grinder and pulled another shot.  Close, but too sour.  Added more coffee and VOILA…  a pretty well balanced shot.  Not sweet (which means it wasn’t perfect) but the taste started slightly bitter and then quickly turned slightly bitter.  One more pull with another notch of coffee and it was too much….fully bitter from the first sip.

One notch back down and I made myself what I call a “Latte-cino”.  Two shots of espresso with lots of milk AND lots of foam.  The flavor was really really good!

Try it yourself!!

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