It always gives me a good feeling when I head to the airport to go home.  Something about that transition gives me a sense of peace every time.

Sitting in the business lounge at BRU (Brussels) this morning, and it’s quite empty today.  Apparently there is a holiday in Belgium that I was not aware of.  The lack of business travellers means that I have the normally busy space nearly all to myself.  NICE…  I could get use to this!  And the staff are loving it too.  Less people, less work, less stress.  Why not enjoy it?  Even the usually long que at Starbucks is empty this morning.  I asked for a Blond roasted filtered coffee, which they didn’t have at that moment.  The manager quickly offered to make it in a french press, just for me!  I guess it’s my lucky day.  I’ve got the time, so I relax while they open a fresh package, grind the beans and start the brew.  As expected, it’s delightful.  Really put a smile on my face.  I’ve got two short flights to get back home to Cesky Krumlov today, so I have to enjoy the little things like that.

And you should too.  🙂

UPDATE:  Single ply paper in the VIP bathrooms?  Seriously?  Shame on you!

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