Espresso Tuning:

Several days ago I posted pictures of my new Gastroback Pro G (aka:  Breville Barista Express).  Since getting it I’ve been having great fun trying different types of coffee in it.  It’s been quite an adventure.  Along the way I’ve had to learn how to adjust the machine to get the most out of each type of coffee.  Not an easy task!

The internet has endless pages of advice on how to do this.  Many are conflicting and overly complex.  There’s even a few that you’d need a degree in Mathematics to fully comprehend (I don’t!)  But thanks to the advice of the good people at CoffeeGeek and Intelligensia, I’ve been able to come up with this simple adjustment guide.

Set your machine for some kind of middle ground.  Medium grind and dose (quantity).  Warm up the machine.  This could take some time.  Pulling a shot without any coffee will warm it up faster AND you can pre-heat your cup with the hot water while you’re at it!

Is it ready?  Ok, make a shot.  How does it taste:


Espresso TOO WEAK:  Increase the dose AND grind coarser. This will keep the flow the same.

Espresso TOO STRONG:  Decrease the dose AND grind finer. This will keep the flow the same.

Espresso SOUR:  Keep the dose the same, make the grind finer. This will lower the flow rate.

Espresso BITTER:  Keep the dose the same and grind coarser. This will increase the flow rate.

After each adjustment, pull a new shot and repeat the process.  With a little trial and error, following these steps should get you to a pretty good place.




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