Had coffee today with…MOM…   That’s pretty rare!  I’m home in Canada for a wedding, so why not take the time to sample a few nice coffee shops and see what’s there?

We visited the Nougat Cafe in Kitchener, Ontario.  It’s quite a busy place.  They are a gourmet food store, bakery and cafe/sandwich shop all in one.  The store part at the front of the building had a great selection of meats, cheese and all types pasta and sauce.  I was a bit too scared to look at the prices.  But if your food budget is large, you’ll find many tasty treats.

The bakery section had all sort of naughty delicious things.  Small rolls, tarts, cakes and even Polish Paczki!  I saw that the label was written in Polish, so I asked and sure enough the owner of the place IS Polish.  They even sell Polish language newspapers there.  I didn’t even realize there were any published in Ontario.

The Latte I ordered was quite good, but the barista was obviously new and used a little bit too much water.  But the Illy beans made up for it.  Very smooth.  Not a strong expresso.  Mom ordered a poppyseed danish.  Large and quite delicious!

The interior is a mishmash of old and new.  Electric chandeliers provide just enough light to see what you’re eating.  A bit too dark for early morning if you ask me.  Better for an after dinner cappuccino and a quiet conversation.

All in all, a nice place.


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