Dropped by the “Nova Era” Bakery on King St. in Kitchener today.  They have quite a large selection of very naughty pastries and cakes.  Their bread selection is bad either!  What really caught my eye were little tarts filled with custard.  I’ve had them before from Belem, in Lisboa, Portugal.  I ordered 2 tarts and a latte.

The latte was quite large and very milky.  Good flavour though, and the barista seemed to know what she’s doing.  But arrived with only 1 tart.  I reminded her that I had asked for 2.  Well, it never arrived.  Quite a bit sweeter than what I remember from Portugal.  They don’t seem to have the crust quite right either.  But, it’s still a very tasty treat.  And the coffee was good enough that ordered another.  This time a decaf cappuccino.  I know, I know.  DECAF?  Yes, it’s true.  This was to be my 4th coffee of the day and it was only 10:30am.

The barista arrived with my drink and said something like “I made extra foam.”  That, she did!  The small cup was overflowing with a very fine, smooth milk foam.  Tasty, but I don’t care for THAT much foam.  Wasted on me, I guess.

Not much in the way of atmosphere here.  The building used to be a Harvey’s hamburger joint, and the interior hasn’t changed all that much.  New lamps and furniture still haven’t changed the feel of this place.  But the staff are friendly and the food is good!

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