I managed to find some decent coffee beans from the “Cafe Bon Bon” in Cesky Krumlov.  They don’t have many products, but they do have quality.  They carry wine, Coffee beans and of course, chocolates and marzipan.  While I’ve never been a big fan of marzipan, though it seems to be the bulk of their business.

They have coffees from all over the world, but I don’t care much for how they keep it.  The  glass containers are always full to the top (which tells me they’re topping it off every day), and the beans sit there exposed to the air until they sell.  If it were my store, I’d let the container run out and only then open a fresh bag.

They also have a bad habit of mixing the oldest beans with the freshest ones.  No sense of product ‘rotation’ that anybody who has ever worked in a proper restaurant would know.  Use the oldest stuff first, always!

BUT…until I can find a coffee roaster that will ship me freshly roasted beans for a reasonable price, this is the best I’m going to get!

So on to the grinding.  I set the “new” grinder to a pretty large grind, for my french press (my favourite method at home, as I don’t have an expresso machine…YET.)  I would like to take the machine apart and give it a good cleaning, but it’s held together with nails, and I’d pretty much have to destroy it to get inside.  I decide to take a good look at the condition of the burrs.  They seems to be rust-free, and I only find traces of coffee on them.  GREAT!  A bit of dust as well, but that’s to be expected.  I have no idea how long this unit has been sitting in the antiques store.  I decide to give it a try with a small handful of beans.  I can test my guess on the bean size, and clean the burrs at the same time.  A few seconds of grinding, and I’m ready to see what I’ve got.  The grounds are the perfect size for what I need.  Another look inside confirms that the burrs are now free of dust and dirt (as good as we’re going to get, anyway!)  I through away the grounds and start boiling water to make my first cup!  Of course, I let the water cool a bit.  The experts at www.Coffeegeek.com have convinced me that water for coffee should never be boiled.

2 minutes of grinding later, I’ve got enough coffee for the what I need.  Add water, and 4 minutes later….voila!  A nice cup of Mexican coffee.

A bit too watery though!  Tomorrow I’ll add another spoonful of coffee.  (Update:  I did, and it was GREAT.)

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