Tried the famous “Kopi Luwak” coffee today at a cafe in Florence, Italy today.

Waiting for a kopi luwak at the coffee bar in Florence, Italy

Me, waiting for my coffee

Never heard of it?  It was made famous by the movie “The Bucket List”.  You can read about it HERE.  I have seen it for sale before, but it’s usually by the 1/2lb, for about 50 euros.  The cafe that I was in, offered an espresso for only 5 euros.  I thought for that price, why NOT try it?

Kopi Luwak Espresso

Kopi Luwak Espresso

And it’s GOOD.  But as I told the owner of the place after trying it:  it’s the most *expensive* coffee in the world, NOT the best.  He agreed and offered to make me an espresso blend of 4 central american coffees.

The result?

He was right.  It easily beat the Kopi Luwak in my opinion!  Smoother and sweeter.

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