Tried the famous “Kopi Luwak” coffee today at a cafe in Florence, Italy today.

Me, waiting for my coffee

Never heard of it?  It was made famous by the movie “The Bucket List”.  You can read about it HERE.  I have seen it for sale before, but it’s usually by the 1/2lb, for about 50 euros.  The cafe that I was in, offered an espresso for only 5 euros.  I thought for that price, why NOT try it?

Kopi Luwak Espresso

And it’s GOOD.  But as I told the owner of the place after trying it:  it’s the most *expensive* coffee in the world, NOT the best.  He agreed and offered to make me an espresso blend of 4 central american coffees.

The result?

He was right.  It easily beat the Kopi Luwak in my opinion!  Smoother and sweeter.

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