And the Water Continues to go DOWN. (Whew!)

Another day without rain has again lowered the water level in the Vltava.  The Lipno dam upstream of us must be doing OK, as they’ve reduced the output to an *almost* normal level.  I think we’re still a bit higher than usual, but after last week…we can deal with it.

If you’ve been watching the FLOOD CAM, you’ll see that the last of the riverside terraces are now DRY and after a bit of cleanup, will be open for business soon.

So aside from the minor damage to the Brewery Bridge and the construction bridge that fell into the water on the 1st day, the town will probably not have any lasting damage.  Neither of these are likely to affect any tourists, so if you’re checking this website to see if it’s OK TO COME VISIT Cesky Krumlov, then yes…it’s OK.

The pictures below are a bit random.  Some from the river where the bridge fell (and is now no longer under the water) and from the center of town, in the main square.  I was feeling quite creative, so instead of simple photos, most of these have been tweaked or played with a bit.  Some will be obvious, some….well….you’ll see!



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