I woke early this morning and as soon as I looked outside, I went running for my camera.  Something about the light looked just right.

Normally I don’t share my photos in their ‘raw’ state, but I thought this might be a good time to show you a before/after shot.  Most of my images are photoshop processed for colour and contrast.  In this case, I’ve done that and added a step to remove the colour for this Black & White final image.

The original pic looked like this:


Not a very interesting image.  Pretty drab, with little colour.

The Nikon D5100 I use is hardly a professional level camera.  It had some real trouble reading a proper exposure on this scene.  I had to really under expose it to get some shadow detail.  Once I found a good exposure, I shot 3 images with one over and under exposed (on purpose) to create an effect called HDR.  In HDR photography, you use software to combine the 3 (or more) images.  Each one will grab the best exposed parts of the scene and the final result will *usually* be a much better photo than any of the originals.

Once my HDR software was done processing those 3 shots, it spit out a final image.  I then removed the colours in Photoshop.

The final result:

_DSC4175_tonemapped PPW BW


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