After seeing the exterior of the Église du Béguinage church from my hotel room window (see the original post HERE) I decided to go take a look.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that I’d found something special.

The next day, I woke extremely early and headed out with my tripod and camera gear.  Feeling *extremely* uneasy about photographing the inside of a church, I kept my gear hidden (the wonders of a travel tripod.  It fits completely inside my backpack!)  I walked around and made some mental notes while trying to stay extremely quiet.  From my previous visit, I knew that here were several Afghan refugees living in the church and I didn’t want to wake them or disturb them in any way.  A lady entered the church and walked very near to me.  She seemed to ‘own’ the place.  I silently motioned to her that I’d like to take pictures.  She quickly and excitedly nodded YES, as if to say it was OK to do so.  That’s all I needed!  A few minutes later my camera was setup and I was snapping away.

Most of these pictures (if not all) are HDR compositions.  Only obtained by exposing several frames for the lightest and darkest parts of the photo and them combining them digitally to make one photo.

I hope you like them.





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