The bus ride to Kaikoura from Christchurch was about 2 1/2hrs, filled with beautiful scenery.  Everything here is different shades of green and brown.  The county seems to be made up of only desert and tropical areas.  These are very intermixed and on a single day’s hike you can pass through both several times as you climb through different altitudes.  I’m told that some part of the country get only 30cm of rain per year, while others get 10 METERS.

All that water needs some place to go, resulting in frequently washed out roads and swollen rivers and streams.  The locals seem quite used to it, but it seems pretty odd to me!

Our motel in Kaikoura is nicely decorated and like most accommodation in NZ, has a small fridge and microwave so you can cook for yourself.  The prices here are unbelievable.  Tourists on holidays here can spend a small fortune dining out every day.

We drop off our bags and head out for a quick meal at the restaurant next door.  My first glance at the menu prices just about gives me a heart attack!

After dinner we walk a few kilometres to a place that is well known for it’s seal and sea lion population.  But not many seals are there.  And those are sleeping and not very “camera friendly”.

Tomorrow we’re off to Wellington, the capital city on the North Island.  Let’s hope the weather is good for the ferry ride!


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