Here’s my latest work on the subject of “Flixel” Pictures.  (Click HERE if you missed the first blog post about it.)

I’ve tried a few other shots, but they didn’t quite seem to work out the way I had planned.  This one at least is what I consider to be passable.  Not really what I was going for (as the rafters are blurry), but close enough.

As I was setting up the tripod to get this shot, canoe after canoe, raft after raft passed me by.  Probably 20 in all.  I though to myself ‘oh, this is gonna be easy.’  No such luck.  As soon as I’d set everything up, nothing.  Absolutely no boats on the river at all.  I waited nearly an hour.  The spot I’d chosen was a little precarious as well.  No real danger to me, so long as I was careful not to step into the river.  But while I was waiting, a couple of people decided to go swimming just behind me.  A couple of people and their large DOG, I should say.  At one point he ran right under the tripod.  I had visions of seeing the camera making a nice ‘splash’ as it went in the water.  Luckily, he didn’t even bump it.  Whew….

I also met a nice lady from Vancouver, Canada.  She too wanted to take a picture of the rafts coming down the chute.  While we waited together, she told me all about her organized trip around Europe.  Her first time and she was having a ball.

Anyway, I hope you like the picture!
Flixel cinemagraph


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