Trying a new form of photography/video that I just found out about.  So new, in fact that people can’t agree on what to call it.  Some are calling it “FLIXEL”, “Living Photography” or “Cinemagraphy”.

You start with a video clip, then select a single still frame from that movie.  Then you select what objects you’d like to ‘freeze’ and what you’d like to move.  Then you export the final product.

It was already dark when I learned about this technique or I’d have been running outside to make a movie of something, anything really, that had some motion in it.  What I ended up doing was taking an old video clip that I’d long ago forgotten about and trying to use that.  The original clip shows a crowded street crossing in Mexico, with tons of people coming and going.  I picked a frame with lots of people in it and made that my ‘base’ image.  Then I selected an area where I would allow things to move.  I picked the countdown timer (which has a very cool running man image) and some papers blowing in the wind on the left side.  With a few mouseclicks, I was able to produce this.  Perhaps when you see the result, you’ll understand better.

Sadly, the video is watermarked because of it’s ‘trial’ nature.  But you should still be able to see what it’s all about.

PLEASE WAIT – The image will take some time to load.  If you don’t see motion, it’s not done!

And then check my Second Flixel Experiment HERE.


Flixel of traffic crossing


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