Sadly, I have not ventured very far from my hotel room during my stay in Rio.  Other than for work, I’ve barely managed to get outside at all.  Just a brief stroll along the beach and a quick trip to the supermarket.  And for certain I did NOT take my camera.

Rio is quite an interesting city, but also probably the most openly dangerous I’ve been to in some time.  The resort hotel I’m staying at is just a few blocks from a Favella (slum), which is on the backside (pardon the pun) of the famous Jesus statue.  They say that even God has turned his back on the inhabitants there (but the favella did not exist when the statue was placed there.)  The locals walking to the beach pass by the hotel, with it’s border fence and armed security guards.  Walking the streets you can’t help but notice that some only have the clothes on their backs.  And others that wear only designer labels.  In a very odd way, they DO seem to mix well together here in Brazil.  While neither are completely comfortable with the other, they co-exist at least in the simplest of terms.

Here are a few more of my ‘Hotel Room’ shots.  The HDR effect really turns the clouds dark.  It wasn’t really as stormy as the pictures suggest.  But the ‘fireball’ of the that sunset IS real.  I can’t imagine that a nuclear explosion could have turned the sky more red.  And they’ve been like that the past 3 nights in a row.  But I only captured one on camera.

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