Today is Independence day in Brazil.  Here in the nation’s capital, Brazilia, they are expecting crowds of 200,000 to march in a (hopefully) peaceful protest and a football match between Brazil and Australia at the new national stadium.  6:30am this morning I’m woken up by a column of armoured personnel carriers going down the street.  The camo paint scheme doesn’t scare me, it’s the guys with the big machine guns looking quite pissed off that does the trick.

It’s gonna be an interesting day!


[UPDATE: 21:16]  I’ve just returned to my hotel.  Work prevented me from seeing what was really going on.  The only thing that really affected me was the continuous stream of police helicopters overhead.  One passed so low that when we waved to the pilot we could clearly see him waving back.

In the middle of the afternoon we did hear reports that there was a protest near our hotel with tear gas and rubber bullets being used by the police.  By the time I got home, there was little evidence that anything had gone on.  Crews were out cleaning up garbage and taking down traffic barricades, but that was it.


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