Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Often advertised as the home of the “bone church”, Kutna Hora has received a bad rap.  The little village has SO much more going for it.  I came to see the church, but stayed several days to explore this lovely little town.  (The photo gallery contained herein does NOT have my photos of that church, but they will be posted in a future article.)

Imagine Cesky Krumlov, before all the restoration work.  That’s Kutna Hora.  They’ve started to get the message that cleaning up the town will bring tourist dollars.  But not as much as Prague or Krumlov.

I’ve been spending every free moment for the past week getting this photo album ready.  It’s still only about 1/2 way done, but with my travel plans for the next month being what they are, I thought I had better post as least what was ready.

You’re going to see a lot of images that started out as photos.  Most have been transformed through HDR photography into something more than a normal photo (or less, depending on your opinion of what I’ve done.)  Some have added colour, some have colour removed.  Others have an unusual mix of the two.  They can’t really be called photos anymore.   I hope you like them!

Safe travels…






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