I’m recently back from a quick trip to Kyoto, I’m madly rushing to get the photos ready to show you.

This trip happened really last-minute, so there wasn’t much time for planning and I decided to just “go with the flow”.  Most of my time in Kyoto was spent just wandering around the streets, seeing what I could find.  Several times I went back to revisit sites that I’d found earlier, but with better light.  But Lady Luck was kind and presented me with plenty of good photo opportunities.  Sometimes she’s good that way, sometimes she’s not.

This first group of pictures are all from the area directly around the Imperial Palace in Kyoto.  No tickets were available to tour inside the palace grounds, but the park and surrounding area are quite beautiful.

If you know what type of bird (stork or crane) is in the pictures, please write it in the comments.  I’ve never seen a bird behave so strangely.  It seemed like it was trying to tan the underside of it’s wings.  On a blisteringly hot day, it seemed to be trying to get MORE heat from the sun.  Crazy!  But the turtles below the bird were enjoying the shade…



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