Here are the photos from my trip to London, England.  Mostly tourist shots, but I’m quite happy with how most of them turned out.

Click on any image to see a larger view.  OR reload the page as the size and order of the photos is random.

[UPDATE:  I’ve received some emails with compliments about the quality and questions about HOW I took these pictures.  Perhaps one day I’ll explain my techniques in a detailed blog article.  But for now I’ll just say this:  Your camera can be cheap, but you’ve got to have a good lens!  I almost always shoot bracketed photos (that’s a series of multiple exposures with a range of under and over exposed photos, -1 EV, 0 EV, +1EV for example) and then combine them together to really get the details to ‘pop’.  Write in the comments if you have questions about a particular photo and I’ll try my best to answer it.)


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