Waiting for me in the mail today was a very nice package.  Inside a VERY nicely designed box (think Apple products, hugely over engineered but posh) was a shiny new Lufthansa Senator Status card.  Woo-hoo!

Now I’ll be able to visit any Star Alliance lounge, have an increased baggage allowance and lots of other perks!  Believe me, I’ve earned them…

(Don’t bother trying to use my card number, it’s been photoshopped.)

Star Alliance GOLD card




Also included in the box were a pair of very nice luggage tags.  Each tag has a full sized gold card inside, with a ID number (not my membership number) that can be used to reunite me with my bags.  But I think the tags are quite likely to be ripped off.  Not stolen, actually ripped off the bag when it’s going around the luggage carousel.  Not sure if I’ll actually use them.  Don’t want to damage my bags if they do get torn off.


Star Alliance GOLD luggage tags

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