If you haven’t heard of it, the centre of Warsaw’s Old Town contains a square that has been completely restored since the Germans essentially levelled it during WW2.  This restoration has carried to such detail that it was recognized by UNESCO as a heritage site.  I’ve heard it compared to the town of Cesky Krumlov, although that is mostly Baroque in style.

Having the chance to work on the show “Kooza” in Warsaw, I thought it would be a terrific chance to see the square.  But perhaps I was getting my hopes up too high.  Or maybe I’ve just travelled too much and “seen it all”?  Whatever the cause, my visit to the main square of Warsaw’s Old Town seemed underwhelming.

I should also mention that the weather didn’t exactly co-operate either.  The rain held off while I was walking around, but the skies certainly didn’t want to be photographed.  Dark and gloomy most of the time.  When the sun did peak out, it was usually gone before I could raise my camera to my eye.

A surprising number of tourists were rambling about.  Considering it’s nearly October and in poor weather, there really were a LOT.  I’d hate to visit in the peak of summer.  It must be difficult to walk!

There seemed to be plenty of places to exchange money or buys sweets or Amber jewelry (my wife claims that ALL Amber originates in Poland.  I have yet to confirm this) but not much else.  There were some completely empty restaurants which either were closed for the winter, or should have been.  Nobody paid any attention to them.

Part 2 of this article will contain a larger photo gallery, but for today I’ll just post a panorama containing 3 sides of the square.  Considering it’s made of 32 photos, I’m surprised that I didn’t find anybody in more than one area of the square.  Maybe you can find one?


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