Passing by the Lloyd’s building in Hamburg, I noticed something quite unusual.  The wall of the lobby has an old ship style motif.  This makes perfect sense, since they are one of (if not THE) largest ship insurers in the world and Hamburg having a huge sea port.

Thinking this would make an interesting project, I decided to take some pictures.  But there were a few big problems:

-It was raining and I didn’t want to get too wet.

-I only had my Nikon P300 (Point and Shoot) camera, not my normal DSLR.

-The building was also closed for the day meaning I’d have to a) shoot through the glass window,  b) take the shots at extreme angles, and c) not have any flash due to the distance to the subject and angle of the glass.


The (untouched) photos look like this:

Note the rain on the glass in the top image.

As you can see in these photos, I was standing nearly beside the wall, not in front of it as it appears in the final image.  How did I do this?  By using my favourite Panorama Photo “stitching” software:  AUTOPANO PRO, by Kolor.  Needless to say, their software ROCKS (and not just a little bit!  Cheers Ruby…)

I was easily able to stitch the photos together, correct for lens distortion, adjust the horizontal and vertical lines, and remove a lot of the reflections of the glass (automatic) with just a few clicks!  The output of Autopano Pro looked like this:

Almost done!

All told, I think it took 5 minutes of honest ‘work’ on my part.  Plus another 1o minutes surfing the ‘net with a cappuccino while the software rendered the image.  Really amazing software.  I can’t recommend it enough!

Then (after my coffee was done, of course) in Photoshop I cropped the image to remove the building portion of the image, and using the rubber stamp too, I ‘cloned’ small sections of the image to cover up any remaining reflections from the glass and converted it to Black & White.  Viola.

The result exceeded my expectations by FAR!!

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