I thought I’d do a test today to see how my Photoshop skills have improved over time.  About a year ago, I was in New Zealand doing a hike to the Rob Roy Glacier, about an hour’s drive from Wanaka, on the South island.  When I reached the area below the glacier, I took a series of 33 photos, making up the largest panorama picture I’d ever taken (at that time!)

My computer spent days crunching the pictures into one large file.  When it was ready, I realized that I’d made a horrible mistake:  I forgot to shield the lens from direct sunlight.  Nearly all the pictures had HUGE amounts of lens flare in them.  They looked horrible.  Just horrible.

I spent several long days manually editing out the spots on each individual photo and then re-patching it all together so that looked OK enough.  The colours were washed out and the rocks were quite hazy.  A bit depressed, I felt this was as good as I could do, and moved on with life.

Today, I came across this image again  and realized that I could go back and retouch all the originals with much higher quality than I had done the first time.  I’ve completed a few photoshop courses since then.  I opened the folder that contained the files.  Sadly, all the originals are GONE.  I’m guessing that in my haste to clear hard drive space before my last upgrade, I deleted them, keeping only the altered version of the files.  The good news is that they were not colour corrected.  They’d only had the sun spots removed.  I once again put them through my pano software (which is AutoPano, by Kolor.  Amazing software!) to see what it could do.  Their software is several generations beyond what it was just a year ago also, so I hoped for some small improvements there also.

Once that was stitched together again, I began the colour correction.  To my delight, the result IS much better than the old one.  The grassy areas on the right definitely looks better.  I’m tempted to post a larger version of this, if anybody wants to see it please let me know and I’ll put it up.

So here it is:

The Rob Roy Glacier

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