This morning I woke up on a plane.  (Not such a strange feeling for me!)  After landing (and trying to remember where I was) I stumbled into the airport terminal, found the signs leading to customs & immigration and headed that way.  After waiting in a very long que, I finally passed through and headed into my 3rd security checkpoint of the day.  Jacket off, laptop out, “No there aren’t liquids in my bag.”, etc. etc.  Finally ending up at my gate, I was thinking to myself “What the HECK am I doing in Brazil in the early morning?”  Then I looked up and saw one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve ever seen.  It put a huge smile on my face and made all the pains of airline travel seem worthwhile.  What a shame it is that I was in a secure area and had to shoot it through thick glass.  In any case, I hope you like it!


ps:  For those keeping track, I now have over 74,000 airlines this year.  Getting very close to my 100k goal!

[UPDATE:  I *DID* reach my goal of 100k miles and am now a Lufthansa ‘Senator’.]



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