“I’ve got a big surprise for you.  Don’t worry, you’re gonna love it.”

When Alina told me that, I knew it was going to be a good day.  She doesn’t do surprises often, but I’ve learned to trust her.  She hasn’t disappointed me yet.  And I get a few “husband points” just for agreeing to be patient and wait.

On this road trip through New Zealand, we’ve seen  ForestsCatlin’s Part 1 & Part 2Avalanche PeakKairKouraChristchurchSouth Island Road TripFerry to the North Island and Wellington City.  At every turn, the landscape changed.  Forest because desert.  Desert became mountains.  Mountains became grasslands.  If somebody asked me to describe New Zealand in one word, it would have to be:  GREEN.  Everywhere you look it’s green and lush.  Ok, not everywhere.  The dry desert areas don’t have much green.  But they are covered with (brown) grass.  So if you had asked me to guess what the surprise might be, I could have given you a half dozen answers.  And all of them…WRONG…

The valley we went to has a collection of HUGE rounded rocks that look completely out of place.  They do not match the surrounding land.  They have holes in them and they’re sooo rounded that I’d guess they were tumbled/pushed/rolled/carried by a huge wall of ice.  Now I don’t know the real history of the rocks.  But they make a great subject for the camera!  Thank you Alina for the surprise!



In most of these pictures, you’ll see a deep blue band (upper left corner in the picture above).  When I first started posting this pictures, I thought that I’d made a mistake in Photoshop and damaged them.  So, I went back to look at the originals.  NOPE, the blue band is *real*.  I didn’t notice it while taking the photos.  It was a blistering sunny day.  So much so that my sunglasses were not dark enough.  Perhaps that’s why I didn’t notice it.

Enjoy the gallery!  It’s really was a “big surprise” to me.  THANKS Alina!


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