Regular visitors to this site have probably noticed by now that I spend a LOT of time in Poland.  When not travelling for Cirque du Soleil, this is my ‘home base’.  Wait a minute, did he just say “Cirque du Soleil”?  Yes, I did.  I’ve been keeping this information private for a very long time, but I see no reason to hide it any longer.

I’ve been employed by the circus for 9 years now.  In that time I’ve been to a long list of cities and countries that I never expected (or in some cases wanted…) to go to.  For example, my travels to Brazil last year were to support the show “Corteo” as it embarked on a South American tour.

This week, I’m working on the show “Kooza” which is now playing in Warsaw, Poland.  This is the first time Cirque has put a ‘bigtop’ show in the country, although several ‘arena’ shows have played in the northern city of Gdansk.

When not travelling, I spend most of my time in the south of Poland, so this visit to Warsaw is a bit of treat for me.  I have visited the city before, but have never stayed for any length of time.  It certainly also makes work easier for me, since I can speak a bit of the language and in my line of work, that almost never happens.

More on this later…

Right now I’d like to present my latest photo, taken from balcony.  It’s probably the ugliest view I’ve had in all my time touring.  But also one of the most interesting ones.  I snapped this one just as the sun was setting.

I hope you like it.

Alley view at sunset, warsaw poland

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