Spent a few wonderful days in Wellington, New Zealand.  Despite some seriously high winds, we managed to spend a considerable amount of time outside, even going on a few short hikes.  There were some spectacular sites from the hills.

Our host, Neil, was even kind enough to drive us around for a great tour of the city.  There’s LOTS to see.  What a beautiful city!!

Surrounded by water, it’s hard to believe that they managed to squeeze in an airport!  Must have been one heck of a construction project.

The city center feels a bit busy, but it’s still pretty casual.  Tons of places to shop and a great cafe around every corner.  There’s even some pretty decent ‘street art’.  If you go, don’t forget to visit the “Te Papa” Cultural museum.  It’s really really good.

I also had the pleasure to meet Lukas Jury, a 19 year old guitar player who’s absolutely AMAZING!  He plays down on Cuba St. each weekend.  The guy has a gift.  Check him out:


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