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Off to the airport

I’ve just checked in online for today’s flight to Spain.  I’ll be in Tarragona (about an hour outside of Barcelona) for the next week.  Then a month in Brussels before coming home to Cesky Krumlov again. After 10 years with Cirque du Soleil, I still... read more

Nighttime by the Vltava River

Clear skies and a warm evening breeze made it really easy to go out and shoot some nighttime pictures the other day. I’d intended to shoot some sky and star shots from inside Cesky Krumlov.  I know the countryside’s lack of light pollution make this pretty... read more

New Website Layout

If you’ve been here before, you’ll probably notice LOTS of changes to the website. I’ve added a new domain and split my random blog articles into categories that make a bit more sense.  ThatsMyCoffee will now be about…(are you... read more

(Not) On the Road Again

After an extended time away from home, I finally returned from my Japan trip about 6 weeks ago. 2 weeks from now, I’ll be back on the road again for a short stop in Spain and about 5 weeks in Belgium.  For now, I’m VERY happy to making my own food,... read more

Yakushima Island, Japan

Yakushima island 60km off of the Southern coast of Japan, Yakushima island is the home of the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Reserve, a natural World Heritage Site since 1993.  In the Wilderness core area (12.19 square kilometres) of the World Heritage Site, no record... read more

Hiroshima Day Trip

My work in Nagoya concluded last week.  We’re off to Fukuoka for 8 weeks.  The easiest way to get there is by ‘bullet’ train.  A few weeks ago I looked at the route and realized that I’d be passing right through Hiroshima.  I’ve wanted to... read more

Biking in Japan, Day 2 – Otsu to Takashima, Lake Biwa

Biking from Osaka to Nagoya, Day 2  Waking up at my hotel in Otsu, I knew that I was just a couple of city blocks from Lake Biwa.  I was dying to see the lake for the first time and after my mentally and physically grinding on day 1, I really hoped it would be an easy... read more

Day 1, Osaka, through Kyoto to Otsu

This being my first bike tour, I decided to make the first day of the trip the hardest.  Not the longest, but the most difficult in the way of navigating and ride complexity. I wasn’t wrong.  This day was hard. Starting out from my hotel in Osaka, I spent the... read more

Japan Bicycle Tour Trip Planning

The most difficult part of this trip was certainly the prep work I did *before* the trip even started.  There were so many aspects of a multi-day trip that don’t apply to my normal rides.  In addition to making sure the bicycle itself was ready to ride I also... read more

Biking in Japan, My Trip from Osaka to Nagoya

While working with Cirque du Soleil’s “OVO”, I was presented with a rare opportunity:  6 days off in Japan.  While the “Fuji-dome” is being torn down in Osaka and moved to Nagoya, I could take some time off to do what I pleased.  For me,... read more

Old Town Warsaw, Photo Gallery (Part 2)

<–  Read part 1 of this post HERE The restoration of Old Town Warsaw is nothing short of remarkable.  Completely destroyed during the war, nothing but the shells of buildings remained, mostly without roofs. It’s now a UNESCO heritage site, it’s... read more

Main Square in the Old Town, Warsaw

If you haven’t heard of it, the centre of Warsaw’s Old Town contains a square that has been completely restored since the Germans essentially levelled it during WW2.  This restoration has carried to such detail that it was recognized by UNESCO as a... read more

Ugliest Hotel Room View EVER?

Regular visitors to this site have probably noticed by now that I spend a LOT of time in Poland.  When not travelling for Cirque du Soleil, this is my ‘home base’.  Wait a minute, did he just say “Cirque du Soleil”?  Yes, I did.  I’ve... read more

Kyoto Panorama Photo (Japan, 2014)

<– Part 1 of Kyoto <– Part 2 of Kyoto My last day in Kyoto I decided to try and visit one last temple before catching the train back to Osaka.  Just a short distance from my hotel, it would be an easy way to kill a few hours.  I walked to the temple... read more

Photos from Kyoto, Japan (part 2)

Here’s part 2 of my pictures from Kyoto.  As stated previously, they’re a bit random!  I really just wandered around the town and stopped whenever I saw something interesting. There are over 1,400 temples and shrines in this small town so it’s really... read more

Cloud Time Lapse Video, Osaka, Japan

The weather has been dismal here lately.  The sweltering heat has been replaced by thick clouds, even stronger humidity and rain.  Our close proximity to a recent tropical storm has blessed us with a bit of wind.  Yes, I’m thankful for it as it’s the only... read more

24 Hours in Kyoto, Travel Photography

I’m recently back from a quick trip to Kyoto, I’m madly rushing to get the photos ready to show you. This trip happened really last-minute, so there wasn’t much time for planning and I decided to just “go with the flow”.  Most of my time... read more

Osaka Travel Photography

Today was my first day off since returning to Japan.  I tried to make the most of it.  Waking up early to “enjoy” the ANA Crowne Plaza’s free breakfast, then running around the town trying to see as many sites as time would allow. The heat slowed me... read more

Back in Japan. Hello OSAKA!

I’ve just arrived at the ANA Crown Plaza hotel in Osaka, Japan.  It’s been about 2 months since I was in Tokyo.  After the trip, I could not stop talking about it.  I’m very excited to be back!! First off, I’d like to thank LUFTHANSA.... read more

Lufthansa Senator Perks, My Business Trip to Montreal

After a busy couple of weeks, I think things should slow down a bit now.  Of course, that rarely happens.  Just the lull between the storms generally. I’d like to thank Lufthansa for getting me to Montreal and back in comfort.  Even though I fly more miles than... read more

Every Country? But NOT by Airplane? Amazing!!

Someone just sent me an article about a guy that has visited every country (yes, all 201).  And get this… *without* using a plane.  He’s also the Guinness World Record holder for the number of countries visited in a single year (they must mean individual... read more

Flixel Experiment, part 2

    Here’s my latest work on the subject of “Flixel” Pictures.  (Click HERE if you missed the first blog post about it.) I’ve tried a few other shots, but they didn’t quite seem to work out the way I had planned.  This one at... read more

Flixel Experiment

Trying a new form of photography/video that I just found out about.  So new, in fact that people can’t agree on what to call it.  Some are calling it “FLIXEL”, “Living Photography” or “Cinemagraphy”. You start with a video... read more

47 Ronin

In one of my favourite movies ‘Ronin‘, there is a story told about a group of samurai that I’ve always found fascinating.  The story goes like this: 47 samurai were left leaderless (becoming ronin) after their master (Asano Naganori) was compelled to... read more

Shiogama Shrine, near the base of Mount Fuji

Several months ago when I found out that I’d be heading to Japan, I started doing some research to see what was in or a short distance from Tokyo.  I was quite surprised to find that Mount Fuji is actually quite close!  I’m told that on a clear day, it can... read more

Meiji Jingu, Tokyo

Just a short walk from the Harajuku train station in Tokyo is Meigji Jingu, a famous Shinto shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken.  Originally built after the emperor’s death in 1912, it was destroyed during the second world war and... read more


For the 3rd time since arriving in Japan, I’ve been woken up by an earthquake.  The one today was by far the biggest. Previously, I’ve felt just a little shake that was probably exaggerated by the springs of the bed.  This one was strong enough to wake me... read more

Hiking Mount Takao – Daytrip from Tokyo

For a short “day trip” from Tokyo, hiking Mount Takao would be hard to beat.  Taking the express train from Shinjuku station, you’ll be at the base of the mountain in less than 1 hour.  Once there, you’ll find it very hard to believe that... read more

Living Life in Japan

I haven’t been writing here much lately.  I’m too busy trying to enjoy my time in Japan.  I don’t know how long it will last, but I do know one thing:  I WILL BE BACK. I’m really enjoying it. Like this:Like... read more

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo, Japan

Spring has started here in Japan and the cherry blossoms have nearly all fallen.  It’s been a beautiful time to be here.  I’m very happy to be able to share these pictures with those of you that cannot be here. It’s taken me quite some time to post... read more

A Stroll around Tokyo (photos)

Just a few random pictures from my walk around Tokyo today.  I hope you like them!  Most of them are from the ‘Shinjuku’ part of town. Tokyo Photos:   Be sure to check back soon.  It’s Cherry Blossom season here in Japan and I’ve got a LOT... read more

Life in Japan

After my all-too-tiring work trip to Brazil, I managed to get a night at home in my own bed.  Yes, ONE.  I think that brings the count up to 6 nights for the whole year so far.  I’ve made a promise to myself to make up for that.  Last year I put 1,100km on my... read more

Porto Alegre, Brazil

A quick little timelapse video from Rio before I headed off to Porto Allegre.  Too much work and not enough play on this trip.  I barely had time to pull out the camera!   Just one picture.  The rest just didn’t work out the way I wanted.  Sometimes,... read more

Bali Khama Resort, Bali

After a quick flight from Lombok to Bali, we arrived at the “Bali Khama” resort.  We found an online deal that gave us the normally $250 per night resort, for 1/2 price.  This being the low season, there were deals everywhere.  Why not enjoy a little... read more

Kebun Villas (Lombok, Indonesia)

 <–Click here to read the Previous Post Saying goodbye to the ‘Jati Cottages’, we took a short taxi to the ‘Kebun Villas‘ just a few kilometres down the road.  The pictures we saw online showed a beautiful resort and the prices seemed... read more

Villa Jati Mangsit, Sengiggi

<– Previous article “Lombok“ After our amazing (but not in a good way) adventure getting to the island of Lombok, we got some amazing views as our minibus hugged the coast and took us up and over the rocky ridges that separate the many beautiful... read more

Lombok, Indonesia

(Continued from “Goodbye Bali, Hello Gili Air“) Our departure from Gili Air seemed simple enough.  We booked a ferry directly from our hotel and we already knew where the dock was located, just a few hundred meters down the dirt road. We gathered our... read more

Bye Bye Brazil

Tomorrow I’m leaving Brazil, with no immediate plans to return.  I’m not saying never, but my work here is done. Next week I’ll be exploring a place *almost* completely new to me:  JAPAN.  I’m very excited by this.  Standby culture shock! Like... read more

Big changes coming to some Frequent Flyer Programs

Delta airlines is planning some BIG CHANGES to their Frequent Flyer program.  Will the other airlines respond in kind? Dropping mile rewards for flying long distances, instead rewarding for the ticket’s total price.  For someone like me who only flies in... read more

My first “Go-Around” (aborted landing)

On a recent flight from Frankfurt to Rio de Janeiro, my plane did a “Go-Around”.  This term refers to an aborted landing, resulting in a 2nd (or 3rd, 4th…) attempt at landing. This was a first for me.  I fly enough to have heard the term before, but... read more

Goodbye Bali, Hello Gili Air

(Continued from “Arrival in Bali“) After hearing our driver recommend a visit to his hometown ‘Padang Bai’ at *least* 10 times in a 45 minute drive, we arrived at the ferry pickup point. The friends we met in Ubud had told us that bad weather... read more

Arrival in Bali

(Technically that should read “Arrival ON Bali”, as Bali is an island, not a city.  But some may argue that Bali is a state of mind and therefore, the grammar works.) After flying Singapore Air aboard one of their new A380 (full length double decker... read more

An Afternoon in Singapore

The eruption of Mount Kelud near Java, Indonesia has interrupted my return from holidays in Bali. The plane for my flight, which was coming from Singapore, had to deviate it’s route to avoid the “ash cloud”.  Because of this, we were about 30 minutes... read more

Photos from my Trip to London, England

Here are the photos from my trip to London, England.  Mostly tourist shots, but I’m quite happy with how most of them turned out. Click on any image to see a larger view.  OR reload the page as the size and order of the photos is random. [UPDATE:  I’ve... read more

On my way to London

Flying to England today.  It’s my first time, so I’m quite excited. Thanks to Lufthansa for flying me there Business Class.  No, not a free ticket or promotion on their part.  I’m just using some of those well earned airmiles that I get from my real... read more

Rob Roy Glacier, New Zealand

I thought I’d do a test today to see how my Photoshop skills have improved over time.  About a year ago, I was in New Zealand doing a hike to the Rob Roy Glacier, about an hour’s drive from Wanaka, on the South island.  When I reached the area below the... read more

Gold card!

Waiting for me in the mail today was a very nice package.  Inside a VERY nicely designed box (think Apple products, hugely over engineered but posh) was a shiny new Lufthansa Senator Status card.  Woo-hoo! Now I’ll be able to visit any Star Alliance lounge, have... read more

Last Sunset Photo from Rio

Back home now, but I just wanted to share one last thing from Rio.  An amazing sunset photo. And even though the thermostat tells me it’s 20c in the flat, I’m FREEZING.  The day before it was 38c in Rio.  No wonder I’m cold!! [UPDATE:  I just... read more

A Free upgrade to Lufthansa Business Class

Just arrived in Frankfurt after an 11 hour flight from Rio.  Lufthansa gave me an upgrade voucher when I got my Gold/Senator status.  Why let it go to waste?  I upgraded myself to business class for this long-haul flight. For a guy that has earned all his airmiles in... read more

Chistmas morning in Brazil

I woke early this morning and as soon as I looked outside, I went running for my camera.  Something about the light looked just right. Normally I don’t share my photos in their ‘raw’ state, but I thought this might be a good time to show you a... read more

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

…well, I don’t know what.  But it certainly isn’t Christmas.  With daytime temps over 30c and not a a snowflake in sight here in Rio, it’s hard to believe that the holiday season is nearly upon us. Christmas carols seem entirely out of place... read more

Hotel Room Views (Part 2)

Sadly, I have not ventured very far from my hotel room during my stay in Rio.  Other than for work, I’ve barely managed to get outside at all.  Just a brief stroll along the beach and a quick trip to the supermarket.  And for certain I did NOT take my camera.... read more

Brazilian Hotel Room View (Rio de Janeiro)

I didn’t have to work too hard to get these pictures.  Both were taken from my Brazilian hotel room balcony! In the background of the of the picture on the right, you can see the blue ‘glow’ from the lights on the “Christ the Redeemer”... read more

Sunset Photo From the Plane

I took this last week, while flying from Shreveport to Miami.  Pretty amazing considering I only had my Blackberry Z10 to shoot with.  Not the world’s greatest camera, but heck…it’s a PHONE.  Not a bad sunset photo, all things considered.   Like... read more

Photos from Mexico City

Sleep is still precious, so I have not had much time to work on the thousands of pics I took in Mexico city last month.  But before too much time passes and I move on to other projects, I thought I’d better post the images that ARE ready.  Please feel free to... read more

Off to Rio in the Summertime.

I’m leaving Curitiba tomorrow, heading to Rio De Janeiro (not even sure I’ve spelt that correctly!)  It’s the middle of summer and temps are expected to hit 30c with high humidity. Like this:Like... read more

American Airlines Fees – One Step Too Far?

Now the airlines have figured out that nobody wants the middle seat, so that is the ONLY one that they’ll give you for free.  Want a window or an aisle?  $150 please… Have to blame American Airlines for starting this trend.  I hope this policy dies a quick... read more

Photos from Avignon, France

I’m so jet-lagged from crossing the Atlantic TWICE last week, that I can’t remember if I’ve previously posted these photos from Avignon or not.  So please forgive me if it’s a duplicate.       Like this:Like... read more

Mexico City

I’ll be spending the next week or so in Mexico City.  I’m excited to be back here.  It’s been several years since my last visit.  Let’s see if I can find some good subjects for the camera.  (and that the internet works well enough to post... read more

On the Road Again

Today’s the day I will pass 100,000 air miles this year.  It’s no longer a goal that I was NOT sure that I could obtain.  Now it seems all but certain.  I’ve got several more long-haul flights booked before the end of the year (actually another in... read more

Morning Coffee. Is it Too Much to Ask?

During my lastest flight, yesterday at 8am, I asked for a cup of coffee.  I was told “Sorry, we don’t have that.”  SERIOUSLY?  An early flight and I’m denied my morning coffee?  Thanks for nothing, TAM Airlines. This brings to light another... read more

Back in Brazil!

I’ve just arrived from a 20hr+ trip to Brazil.  I’ll be spending the next 2 weeks in Belo Horizonte and Curitba, which is further south than I’ve been before.  I’m quite excited about it! Some notes for those that have been keeping track of the... read more

Sunrise in Provence (yes, FRANCE)

Waking up very early this morning, I was rewarded with a fabulous sunrise in Provence.  I had intended to photograph the sky before the sun actually came over the hill.  While I was adjusting the camera, it popped over the top and I got this shot:   Like... read more

Mileage Status Update

I’ve just returned home from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The first leg of my trip I flew on TAM airlines (avoid them at all costs, if you can.  [UPDATE:  July 2014 they were tossed out of the Star Alliance.]) the rest I flew on Lufthansa (my all-time favourite... read more

My Time in Brazil

After more than 2 weeks in Brazil, it’s nearly time to go home.  I’ve had a really good time here, despite being far too busy with that four-letter word “WORK”.  In the precious little free time I’ve had, I did manage to get out and see a... read more

Independence Day – Brazil

Today is Independence day in Brazil.  Here in the nation’s capital, Brazilia, they are expecting crowds of 200,000 to march in a (hopefully) peaceful protest and a football match between Brazil and Australia at the new national stadium.  6:30am this morning... read more

Sunrise in Sao Paulo

This morning I woke up on a plane.  (Not such a strange feeling for me!)  After landing (and trying to remember where I was) I stumbled into the airport terminal, found the signs leading to customs & immigration and headed that way.  After waiting in a very long... read more

Brasilia, Brazil

I’m finally back home after nearly a month on the road.  Starting in Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil. Quite an amazing city, Brasilia.  It’s probably the newest of any major city on the entire planet.  Designed and built in just 1950 as the... read more

Nearly home

In just a few days my business trip will end and I’ll be heading home!  Whew…what a tiring trip! You can look forward to seeing a new gallery of all of my pictures from Brazil. Like this:Like... read more

Off to Brasilia

After only a few hectic days here in Sao Paulo, I’m flying tomorrow to Brasilia.  I know very little about this town, except that it is the only town built in the 20th century to receive UNESCO heritage site status as a ‘planned’ city.  You can read... read more

Mileage Update: Sao Paulo

Just checked my Lufthansa frequent flyer mileage status after arriving in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  As of today, I have flown 54,053 miles since Jan 01, 2013. Normally, I would have received a 3,000+ bonus to the miles earned on the long flight here, but for some reason I... read more

Road Trip

Sitting here watching the rain fall down, I was just thinking about all the road trips I’ve done in my life.  Too many to be counted, for sure!  But several were quite memorable: -Driving from Arizona to  Toronto, *without* using any interstate highways.  Two... read more

Tour de France, Hill Classes

If you’re watching the ‘Tour de France’, you’ll probably hear the commentators at one time or another talk about the hill CLASSES or RANKING of each climb.  They are number 1 through 4.  Although I did understand that 1 was the hardest and 4... read more
One Year Later.

One Year Later.

It’s been nearly a year since starting this blog.  Who could guess that it would be such a success? If you had asked me to guess a year ago how many visitors the site would get, I’d probably have guessed a few hundred.  Maybe a thousand if things went... read more

Schooled by My Espresso Machine

[UPDATE, Nov. 2014:  What a fool I was for even trying to use the ‘dual wall’ filter.  If you’re new, skip this step and go straight to the ‘normal’ filter.  You’ll probably make some mistakes, but you’ll learn what NOT to do... read more
Closeups of NAKED Bicycle!!

Closeups of NAKED Bicycle!!

The weather here just can’t seem to decide what to do.  It’s been raining mixed with sunshine for the past 2 days.  Several times I’ve gone running outside when I saw the sun, only to get rained on a few minutes later.  And now they’re telling... read more

US Flight Delays

I hope you’re not travelling through the US at this moment.  Significant delays have developed because of the “Sequester” in the United States Government. 10 % of FAA flight controller staff are on unpaid leave.  And it’s creating chaos at the... read more

Goodbye is Never Easy

Spending some quality time with Alina today.  She’s heading to Poland for a few days, visiting family and friends.  Let’s all wish her safe travels and a speedy return! I’ll miss you…  At least this time it’s only a few days! Like... read more

Photos from Florence, Italy

Enjoy the pictures! Remember that while in the ‘gallery’, you can click  on “VIEW FULL SIZE” in the lower right hand corner.  Comments on the photos are encouraged!  Please let us know what you think.     <— Read the PREVIOUS... read more


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