For the 3rd time since arriving in Japan, I’ve been woken up by an earthquake.  The one today was by far the biggest.

Previously, I’ve felt just a little shake that was probably exaggerated by the springs of the bed.  This one was strong enough to wake me up and while I was awake, it got much much stronger!  I jumped out of bed and hid under the desk.  Only about 10 seconds later, it started to get weaker and was completely finished not long after that.  But there was something new to this one:  I heard the walls cracking.  It’s amazing how much power these things have!

According to the USGS, it was a 5.8 about 75km from Tokyo.  A friend tells me that it was really a 6.2, according to Japan’s experts.  I’ll go with them on this one.  They know their earthquakes.

I wonder how many they have per year and does one ever get used to this?  It’s such a foreign concept to me.  It seems about as normal to me as walking on water.

No real harm done though.  Back to bed!

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