As one of the world’s biggest cities, you can easily understand  that Sao Paulo’s roads are extremely crowded.  A taxi driver told me that 90 cars are added to the streets EVERY DAY.  Wow…  That’s an additional 32 *thousand* cars on the road every year.  Can you imagine??  How do you plan for that?

I guess when governments subsidize gas prices, that’s what you get!  Gasoline here costs less than $1 Cdn/Litre.  Pretty cheap compared to the rest of the world!

Everyday sights here:

-Dedicated bus lanes.  ‘Bendy’ busses with THREE sections.  I’m not sure of the overall length, by wow are they LONG.

-Drivers passing on the wrong side of the road, IN TOWN.  With cars coming the other way!

-Little (if any) use of turn signals.

-More motorcycles “lane-splitting” than any other place I’ve ever been.  They are passing the cars non-stop.  And it’s easy to see why.  When the traffic grinds to a halt, the cycles still keep moving.  If you’re commuting every day, it must save HUGE amounts of time.  But you’ve got to be at least a bit suicidal to do it.  And FORGET doing it with a passenger on the back.  Never mind a child!

-2 or 3 lanes merging into one with little or no warning.

-Several cars going through an intersection after the light has turned RED.  Once in a taxi, the driver didn’t even slow down for the red.  He just sailed right through!  It reminded me of the time in Shanghai I asked a friend of mine to paint my sunglasses black so that I could not see what was going on.  True madness!


All this just makes me happy to take the bus!  I feel safer.



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