I’ve just returned home from Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

The first leg of my trip I flew on TAM airlines (avoid them at all costs, if you can.  [UPDATE:  July 2014 they were tossed out of the Star Alliance.]) the rest I flew on Lufthansa (my all-time favourite airline.)  I have not yet been credited with the mileage from TAM, but the other 2 flights have appeared in my frequent flyer account.  I currently have 82,317 miles for the year.

My last trip to Brazil got me many more miles.  I’m guessing that the ticket class can really make a difference.  Too bad most of my tickets are non-refundable economy class.  If I was flying this much in business class, I’d have a chance to reach the ‘HON Circle’ level of the Miles-and-More program.  This year I’ll probably get to the Gold/Senator level, but flying in the ‘back of the bus’ you’re not going to get above that level, ever.  No how, no way.

I’ve got 5 more long haul flights (not trips) booked for the remainder of the year.  I should still hit my 100,000 goal pretty easily.

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