During my lastest flight, yesterday at 8am, I asked for a cup of coffee.  I was told “Sorry, we don’t have that.”  SERIOUSLY?  An early flight and I’m denied my morning coffee?  Thanks for nothing, TAM Airlines.

This brings to light another thing that I’ve noticed:  Despite being the #1 country in the world for producing coffee, Brazilians don’t seem that fond of it.  Yes, you see some people at restaurants having a some with their food.  Or the odd small cafe that serves a stand-up espresso to people walking by.  But as a society, they don’t seem to like the drink.  In Belo Horizonte, at least.  I haven’t seen a single coffee shop anywhere.  Not one.  Growing up in Kitchener, Ontario, that’s hard to imagine.  We had a Tim Horton’s coffee shop (seemingly) on every block.  Hanging out at the coffee shop or even in the parking lot is a whole sub-set of society.

While in Sao Paulo, I had the pleasure to visit The Coffee Lab (read my full review HERE).  So I know that a small percentage of people here do LOVE their coffee.  Perhaps I’m just looking in the wrong places?


[UPDATE:  TAM airlines has now announced that they’re leaving the Star Alliance.  Good riddance, I say!]

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