After more than 2 weeks in Brazil, it’s nearly time to go home.  I’ve had a really good time here, despite being far too busy with that four-letter word “WORK”.  In the precious little free time I’ve had, I did manage to get out and see a few things.  One evening I even found myself at a show called “Sequence 8” by Le Sept Doigts de la Main, a spectacular new-age circus style troupe.  (Thank you Simon for the ticket!  And a huge BRAVO to the performers!!)

Brazil as a country is huge and they have a lot going for them.  But what I’ve found most spectacular here are the people.  They may not be rich (although some are!).  They may not have property, fancy cars or even shoes in some cases!  But what they do have is a desire to LIVE.  They seem to make friends quickly and are passionate about the things they believe in.  They sing, dance and drink with such enthusiasm that it’s contagious.  You can’t help but be dragged along by their energy.  Every thought is about today, the moment right now, as if nothing else matters.  Planning for the future and thinking about tomorrow isn’t nearly as important as the current time; a lesson that most people would be wise to learn.  Don’t spend your retirement money on living large, but DO get out and live a little!

In October I’ll be visiting Curitiba.  I can’t wait to explore more and meet as many people as possible.  What a wonderful place!  Brazil.

[UPDATE:  Perhaps living each moment like it’s your last has some real meaning here.  I’ve only been in Belo Horizonte about 10 days and I’ve seen 2 serious motorcycle accidents (one fatal) and heard (but fortunately did not see) a dog being hit by a car.  Statistics seem to back that up.  According to Wikipedia, the average life expectancy in Brazil is only 74.  Compared to 82 in Canada, that seems pretty low.  The lowest ranking country:  Sierra Leone, with just 47 years!  The highest:  Japan, with 83 years!)]


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