Today’s the day I will pass 100,000 air miles this year.  It’s no longer a goal that I was NOT sure that I could obtain.  Now it seems all but certain.  I’ve got several more long-haul flights booked before the end of the year (actually another in just a few days from now, BACK across the same ocean I fly over today.)  “On the road again”, the theme song to my life.

As of tomorrow, you can call me SENATOR, the name given to Lufthansa’s Gold status members.  I really can’t wait to see what their separate lounges look like.  My only true wish is that they’re less crowded than the Business Class lounges.  I’ve often skipped stopped at them because in Germany you often can’t even find a seat!

Let’s see if Lufthansa finds an interesting way to inform me that I’ve reached my goal.  They sent a pretty cool ‘personalized’ video on my birthday.  I’m curious what their marketing staff have in mind this time!


[UPDATE:  It didn’t take long for Lufthansa to respond.  They Tweeted about it!  Check it out:  “Congratulations Mr Senator!”

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