Sitting here watching the rain fall down, I was just thinking about all the road trips I’ve done in my life.  Too many to be counted, for sure!  But several were quite memorable:

-Driving from Arizona to  Toronto, *without* using any interstate highways.  Two lane roads most of the way.  Having my windshield broken by a slow truck that pulled onto the gravel to let me by.  Thanks, but next time I’d prefer to just go slow.

-Driving across the US, listening only to the radio.  No iPod’s back then!  And limiting myself to only use the ‘seek’ button ONCE to find the next station, when the one you’re listening to fades.  This is a real challenge.  Try it!  You’d be amazed at what you hear on those smaller stations late at night, when even they don’t think anybody is listening.

-Driving across the Northern US states, then looping back through Canada.  In 8 days.

-Driving Southwest all the way to California, up the Pacific coast, then all the way across Canada.  In only 11 days (much MUCH further than the previous route.)   With an average speed of something like 40km/h over the whole trip, including sleep time!  We didn’t spend much time in one place, but we saw a LOT of places…

-Starting in Ontario and driving the looong way around the Great Lakes headed to Alberta.  About 3 hours into the trip, my European girlfriend asks me:  “So how many hours is this going to take?”  Yeah.

-After visiting Alaska & Hawaii (obviously not by car) I pushed myself to see as many states as possible.  It took me about 10 years, but I can now say that I’ve seen all 50 states.  Not bad for a Canadian.  How many Americans (that aren’t truckers) can say they’ve seen the entire country?


Thinking about taking your own road trip?  A few tips to keep in mind, before you do:

-Pee EVERY time you stop.

-If you must stop to pee, fill up with fuel.

-Always buy one more drink than you think you’ll need.

-Keep a few healthy snacks on standby.  Items that won’t melt in the sun are recommended.

-Clean the windshield often.  The dirt on the window makes your eyes work harder to stay focused on the road.  Clean glass will help relax you and release tension.

-On long trips, stop at least once a day for a hot, sit down type meal.


Needless to say, I love driving long distances.  There’s something about the freedom of driving when you want, where you want.  Quite liberating.

Now it’s your turn.  Get out there and see the world!



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