She did hold onto the information until the bitter end though.

We drove to the train station in Linz, Austria.  Boarded a train that headed west in to Germany before returning to Austria.  Got off in Innsbruck.  Transferred to another train.  This one went pretty much due South.  Our last transfer was in Verona where we boarded a *very* full regional train heading to Bologna, Italy.  It was only THEN that Alina told me that it was our final destination.

Four countries in a single day.  That matches my all-time record.  And all within about 6 hours…

The kicker:  We’re not staying here!  Tomorrow will be yet another mystery destination.  Ohhh….the agony!!!  I thought my torture was over.

We’ll be sightseeing all day tomorrow and then travelling in the evening.  Where we stop, nobody knows!

But I’m sure the ride will be fun.


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